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V-E Day II GB Voted for United States United States (9 months 25 days ago)

It's over and we are out! Congratulations, we won!

The last day in the EUSSR GB Voted for United States United States (9 months 26 days ago)

Vote LEAVE today!

Ghana Pride GH Voted for United States United States (10 months 9 days ago)

GOD bless USA, from your friends in Ghana~!!

BREXIT GB Voted for United States United States (1 year 9 days ago)


Sprattyman GB Observer (1 year 3 months ago)

despite being in a country in The EU i would vote for america as i want to get the EU because it is a corrput orginization and although america does have its faults like every country at least they aren't power crazy and corrupt

Briton GB Voted for United States United States (1 year 5 months ago)

Phuck the E.U.S.S.R!

Muskan PK Voted for European Union European Union (1 year 5 months ago)

United States is like junk... yeah, it is cool and exciting and I am not like 'Hey, America! Go and kill yourself!' I am just saying that cuz soooo many people have said that EU is like hell. That it is totally useless. That it should not exist. No, you are wrong. EU is a role model of friendship and a sign of no diplomatic conflicts. Yeah, Hitler was born in Germany but HEY! EU didn't even exist then. Now it does and I am thankful. It contains France which has perfumes and dishes most of you die for and Germany's super famous cars and UK's strong educational role and Italy's amazing buildings and so much more. So if you hate EU, you should try visiting it and find out how great it is. HAIL EUROPEAN UNION!!!

Haydn US Observer (1 year 11 months ago)

LOL, of course United States. the value of EU in recent years has been degrading gradually. HAIL, UNITED STATES

Uncle Sam US Observer (2 years 4 days ago)

I just want to say one thing that the EU its got old places and castles but look at some of thing that are happing in the EU. Im going to say one thing Greece they are doing so well aren't the. Like in the Eu oh I'm just going to take a 2 hour lunch break how is that working out for ya not so well. and that Putin and the Ukraine. My heart goes out to the people in the Ukraine what russia is doing is unfair and wrong. Plus that guy is uber creepy. But yet the 2 hour lunch break thing that is a little much.

Antifa GB Voted for United States United States (2 years 1 month ago)

EU is the 4th Reich of Germany.

jake GB Voted for United States United States (2 years 5 months ago)

USA all day any day. It is a joke that the EU even exists.

Lolilolrkwh GB Observer (2 years 9 months ago)

USA any day. The EU is a complete joke

Chen US Voted for United States United States (2 years 9 months ago)

Asians for USA

human EE Voted for European Union European Union (2 years 11 months ago)

dump US , they believe that they should be the police of the world , but those ignorant idiots don't get it that nobody wants them there , and soon theyll discover they have no friends...

куплю металлочерепицу UA Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

Michael, a very interesting post thanks for writing it!

I don't really care GB Observer (3 years 5 months ago)

They are both the same, all have advantages, all have disadvantages, the eu has free travel between country's and a big mix of cultures, the us has a good and strong economy such is the same for the eu

Anna UA Observer (3 years 5 months ago)

Thank you very much for that superb article

lora UA Observer (3 years 6 months ago)

Lerman, it is a great post thanks for writing it!

jacko GB Voted for United States United States (3 years 6 months ago)

america is much better than the eu but not the individual countries as they are different things. the eu is full of politicians stealing power from britain and its sovereignty especially the court of human rights now apparently its illegal to deport a terrorist attempting to destroy this once great country

Why? GB Observer (3 years 7 months ago)

Who would be sad enough to make a poll like this? We are allies. I must say though that there are alot of unnecessary USA comments such as "U S A 4 L I F E" and "The US are by far the best USA USA". We are all human beings. Technically you are being racist; you wouldn't say "white people 4 life" would you? Only sick minded people would do that. Now stop arguing. Polls and comments on this site will never be accounted for in the decisions that our unions and nations make. Get real.

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By: Eurofighter, June 13, 2010


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